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Keur i Keur

The KEURiKEUR © monitoring system provides our customers with a UNIQUE service in the local market. The client is assured that HIS or HER home or plot of land is being personally monitored by our independent team in relation to the construction company in charge of building. Monitoring isn’t therefore made, as usual; the case of a parent left around, who sometimes do not have time to properly monitor the house or plot of land. It is actually a specific control of every home, according to its own difficulties.

The Keurikeur© system takes into account the fact that each home is unique and different from the others (different plots of land, different architecture and various subcontractors, etc...). As such it must be subjected to a proper and detailed monitoring throughout construction.

The offers of Keurikeur allow you to monitor your site so as to prevent potential problems (squatters, fraudulent manufacturers, etc...). Periodic pictures taken from the site will help detect any abnormality (occupation, flood, garbage, etc...) And react immediately.