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CLIENT'IS is a management platform of company-customer relationship which, in its original frame, allows different structures to maintain contact with their clients in an attempt to retain them and also better sell their products. In fact, current customers of a business are a significant potential to ensure its long-term success. Noticing that the client becomes less loyal when facing the expansion of offers and enriches constantly, thus CLIENT’IS proposes to offer ways to better care for the client, including an attempt to conserve and care for those that have already been acquired. Therefore the platform while remaining scalable and customizable, offers the following functionalities in a standard frame:

• Managing customer’s contacts with the ability to form groups according to specified criteria.

• Managing sms sending

• Managing Email

• Managing Voice Sms

• The management of statistics for the traceability of its various activities

• Parameterize the client’s account to define certain parameters and preferences for his personal space